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Get valuable experience with constructive feedback from clients. Participating in design contests creates healthy competition, encourages you to think outside the box to create unique and innovative designs.

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Roofologist Roofing is a roofing company startup that aims to provide high-quality roofing services to residential and commercial clients in the Tampa Bay area....

Logo Design
image 1224
image 1139
image 856
image 199
image 149
image 1228
image 182
image 195
image 21
1213 Entries $295 Prize Closed

Gen UX Consulting

Top designers

We are a small start up that specializes in user research in Med Tech, Big Tech etc. We also offer other consulting services for the Med Tech space

Logo Package
image 262
image 32
image 214
image 133
image 263
image 207
image 22
image 21
image 112
269 Entries $445 Prize Closed

We're a very competitive Club Volleyball Team made of highly talented girls in multiple age divisions. We're located in Brownsville, Texas the heart of the Rio...

Logo Design
image 359
image 60
image 326
image 97
image 15
image 16
image 100
image 69
image 58
393 Entries $295 Prize Closed

Dubai Motors Group

Top designers

We are looking for a timeless design that embodies our commitment to an incomparable experience for our buyers and sellers. We broker the finest luxury vehicles...

Logo Design
image 3
image 308
image 258
386 Entries $600 Prize Closed

I need a logo for my online business. The same logo design must be used for both domains 30points.com and 30puntos.com. One of the main features of our business...

Logo Design
image 83
image 225
image 178
371 Entries $350 Prize Closed

We are a trash bin cleaning company , located in Florida , and would like to represent Florida in our scheme and colors . We would like our logo...

Logo Design
image 115
image 68
image 50
image 77
image 54
image 1
image 3
image 17
image 22
135 Entries $295 Prize Closed

We clean trash cans with a trailer system that uses high-pressure hot water and eco-friendly materials to leave cans shiny and smel...

Logo Design
image 101
image 98
image 88
image 26
image 36
image 37
image 51
image 75
image 76
102 Entries $295 Prize Closed

We are a small utility service company performing underground utility locating for homeowners, contractors, and utility owners. We're pleased wi...

Logo Design
image 1207
image 1802
2694 Entries $295 Prize Closed
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